Panache Fashion Jewellery

The Brief

We started with the new brand identity, provide a brand new logo for the newly started company.

Creative Solution

I created an illustrative, interactive, and eye catching logo,flex,brochure and business card that achieved each of the organization’s goals.

Work in this project

Brand Logo

The design is fresh in its simplistic form, and also in its ‘banded’ and easy-to-read font. The golden and silver are effective with two diamond shapes.


The design of brochure is effective to attract female customers.

Business Card

The business card is suitable to the brand logo and all the required fields are mentioned in it very clearly.

The Banner

About This Client

Panache currently deals in Designer Fashion Jewellery. The Artistic look, Quality and Variety in our Designs is our USP. We sell our products online and also allow people to sell them offline, thus helping you setup your own business( For eg: You or your mom or your relatives can try this out).